Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust!

So we all are feeling a little too used to watching the games go by with the opposing teams pumping their fists as they round the bases in yet another walk off win, but hold onto your hats M's fans... our turn is coming.

I said it from the beginning and I will remind you again. It's a 162 game season, we've got a long way to go. Reading the fan comments on following today's game it is clear to see that many are pretty disgruntled. Obviously we as fans can look at this game and see areas that the M's need to improve on, Figgins hitting with runners in scoring position, League keeping a lead, just to name a couple. To spend a second on each of these and to defend Wakamatsu, Figgins is a hitter, he's proved that, and to get a hitter out of his slump he needs to be in these situations. It didn't work out today, but it soon will. League on the other hand, I can say he has great velocity and wicked movement on his fastball. The problem is that he has no control over placing his fastball. He can't hit his spots and therefor leaving some huge meatballs out over the plate. He could use some time in AAA getting his control in order. Today's game wasn't his fault by any means, but when you're brought in to close the door, it needs to close.

I can't really comment on Colome. Aybar had a tremendous at bat and did what he did. I would of rather had anyone in there over Aardsma. Oops, I said it. Seriously though, our bullpen is having as many issues as our bats. At least our bats are showing signs of life.

Tomorrow is another day and Cliff Lee is on the hill.


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