Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Blow-Out

We didn't lose by ten runs or even five - just one. On a day when our offense partially is at work and Felix was on his game, we should have been strolling into Tampa with our first series win in more than a couple of weeks. Instead, I feel like we got a flat tire in the eighth inning and we are standing at the side of the road wating for a tow truck. WHY? Why is it that we can't put a complete team on the field? Felix blew his last start and the bullpen went the distance the rest of the game and didn't give up a hit. We all know the offensive struggles and we don't need to go there, but when th offense does go out there and do work, the bullpen fails. So many hopes and aspirations coming into this season and I am on the verge of depression already after just 34 games. I got the text from 710 ESPN today as I was leaving work. "M's lose on grand slam in the eighth." Depressed! It is really hard to swallow a losslike this anytime, but especially when you are looking at 13 and 21, last place and no answers in sight. On a positive note, as a fan since birth, as a Lefevre Believer, as one who was in the drive of '95, I must watch. I must maintain hope that when the All-Star game nears it will still be a race. I must maintain that somewhere in the depths of this team there is some magic. I know that Griffey can still launch some balls over that right field wall and I believe, that when September rolls around we will look back a the ride we sat through this year and say to ourselves again.... IN Z WE TRUST! After all.... We are in the AL West.

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