Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eighth Inning Hit Barage Shuts Down Tigers

Once again the Mariners came through with a come from behind victory over the Tigers in the eighth inning of last nights game. Mike Sweeney put a couple of runs on the board with yet another homerun after a Franklin Gutierrez single to bring us within one run. Jose Lopez singled and Rob Johnson followed with a double to put runners at second and third with only one out. Josh Wilson gets up to bat and hits a solid single to left field scoring both Lopez and Johnson to give us the lead 5 to 4. With a solid outing by Aardsma in the ninth the M's held on to their lead and swept the two game series from the Tigers.

Josh Wilson made a statement that the hitting is getting contagious in the M's lineup. As Sweeney has been knocking the ball around left and right a few other batters are starting to come through as well. Our hope as fans would be that if this hitting is contagious, that the M's entire lineup would be sharing the same toothbrush.

I didn't write for a couple days after we lost our last two against San Diego. The hope that I have for this team was elevated after our 15 run game and to follow that with missed opportunities and losses it really made me a bit depressed. I know, it's rough sometimes being a Mariner fan, but we're here once again. Two games in a row we have won, still having one of the best starting rotations in the league and waiting for our bats to come out of their slumber. I think it's happening. I can only make the statement that I have made so many times before, it's not a promising statement but it's one that deserves attention as we are now only 7 and a half games back from first place.


Most of our losses this year have been by one run, that's right, just one. If our bats start coming around, and they are, those one run games will be won by the M's every time. Our starting pitchers will carry this team and our defense will help make that happen. Look ahead with me to July, just before the All-Star break and see the West standings. Angels on top by two games as the M's and Rangers are tied at a game and a half back. Call me crazy, but I believe the magic is coming.


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