Thursday, May 20, 2010

Griffey Brings Some Joy Back To Safeco!

So this is not 1995. The picture however brings back memories of a season that was full of excitement and energy, however, this is 2010. Fifteen years after that first pennant win and Griffey is still able to bring some magic. Last week reporters throughout the city were encouraging Griffey to retire. Writers were dismissing him as washed up and that he had nothing left in his bat. Today, he's our hero once again, hitting a walk off single to score Milton Bradley in the bottom of the ninth versus Toronto. A pinch hit walk off single could be what Seattle needed to ignite that fire again. It could be what Griffey needed to change the tides on Griffey tabloids.

To me it doesn't matter if Griffey is 40 or 60, I will still pay to see him get one more at bat in Seattle. I can't explain what it is. Maybe it's the memories of '95.
It could be the fact that I was about ten years old when he became the first Mariner icon. He hit .214 last year with 17 homeruns in a season described as magical to it's end. I believed at the beginning that it would get better for Griffey this year and to this point, I've been wrong. BUT, there's still a long way to go in this season and today we tasted that magic one more time.

You can't get rid of him that easy sports writers,
you can't kick a man out of his own house.

Griffey - bring on that SODOMOJO!!!


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