Wednesday, May 19, 2010

King Felix, Jester League

If you dared to turn on your television last night and watch the Seattle Mariners, I'm sure it was because Felix Hernandez was pitching. The chances are, when Felix takes the hill, the M's get a win - or was that just last year? Felix had a decent six innings of work allowing 3 runs on 11 hits. Yeah, 11 hits off Felix isn't the same old Felix that nearly won the Cy Young last year. There is a serious problem mentally and I'm sure it has to do with trying to not allow any runs knowing that his offense will be of no help.

Figgins did get two hits and an RBI last night. Horray Figgins!!! Maybe this will snap him out of his slump. Besides Figgy, there were some other positives on the night, we scored more than a couple of runs and Rob Johnson hit a homerun. Sweeney came in with an opportunity to hit a runner in from third and accomplished that task. Not many times that's happened this year. However, the mistakes keep piling up. The tenth inning could have been avoided all together last night if Rob Johnson didn't get out at third base on Ichiro's single. Kotchman's run would have counted and we would have won the game in nine.

But, sadly the misery continues for the M's. Painfully we all watch as Felix gets another no decision and Brandon League gets another loss. You've heard my two cents on Brandon League and I don't even want to get into it today, but it almost felt like Wakamatsu wanted to leave him out there until he took the loss. I know that can't be, but when is enough enough.

If Felix is King, League must be a court jester!!


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