Friday, May 14, 2010


After a not so blissful week of media frenzies concerning Bradley and Griffey, the M's focus may be shifting once again. It may be premature, but it looks like the M's bats are climbing out of their slumber. It's two games out of the last four, I know, but we have been hitting and hitting with power. This is a good thing. Sweeney - whom everyone was calling out for not doing anything yet this year now has two homers in the past two games. To me, you give the guy the playing time and he'll get it done, but where has he been playing? . . . the pine. With an at bat or two every fourth day you can't exacly ask a guy to be hot. Guti, after a day off came back and started off on a positive. Adam Moore, man, solid day at the plate and hopefully sparks the RJ, AM tandem at catcher. All in all, a good day for Seattle fans and hopefully another day to talk about something other than foolish locker room reports and dirty laundry. C'mon Media - it's baseball time. Let's keep it on the field. Let the AP worry about the other garbage. Let's talk about our starting rotation getting run support, let's work on reviving a positive atmosphere that will land Cliff Lee back in an M's uniform next year, let's talk about how we can get our guys hitting rather than looking for ways to get rid of them. I too have my thoughts and feelings about ones that should stay and ones that should go, but nobody in the M's organization is going to say; "Well, Joe thinks he should go, so..." It's not going to happen and it won't happen for the media. Get over it. If it were by the numbers, we would be holding onto Guti and Ichiro, thats it. So, sports writers of Seattle, get with the program and back your team for once - through good times and bad - otherwise you just look like papperazzi out there while turning the fairweather fans away too early. We started the season with hope and all hope is not lost. BELIEVE!!! SODOJOE

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