Sunday, May 30, 2010


Another day, another loss, another day of watching the merry-go-round of Anahiem Angels as our bullpen puts the quarters in the slot. It's been pretty rough to watch, today another depressing ending as Aardsma, well, he Aardsma'd it alright. Giving up a walk off three run homerun to lose it.

I hate saying it, but Wakamatsu needs to find a different job. He doesn't seem to be getting it done. We had a 7-2 lead and blew it. Ian Snell only had 84 pitches when he was pulled in the 5th. To that point he had made only given up the 2 run homer to Matsui and then the two walks to start the 5th, but going to our bullpen that early and having a 5 run lead seems rediculous. Why would anyone in their right mind put the strain on a bullpen when it's not necessary. Especially when our bullpen is not performing at all.

There is a very discriptive picture of our bullpen at the top of this post. I don't see how we can move much further without thinking of making some serious moves. Say goodbye to Wak, say goodbye to Cliff Lee and get some talent to finish this out or start building for next year. The fans would rather see us moving forward than just constantly failing at everything possible. I don't want to throw in the towel just yet, but we have one thing going for us and that is starting pitching. Cliff, Felix, Vargas, Fister, they are all solid and with Bedard back in the near future that gives us more solid starters than anyone could ask for. (Unless your name is Steinbrenner) I say we get rid of Lee and stock up on some ready hitting and some bullpen help and start winning some ball games. Lee is not such precious comodity when everyone else is pitching so well. Call Bill Bavasi and see if we can get a 6 for 1 deal somewhere. Honestly, think we can get 3 guys that would solve a lot of our problems this year, the question is, is it too late???

Somebody needs to take out the trash!


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