Saturday, May 29, 2010

M's Return To True Form

It's sad to say, but today the M's performed like they have for most of the season making the last few games look like a fluke. WE SCORED ONE RUN OFF OF AN ERROR! That's just terrible. Especially when you count the numerous opportunities that were thrown out the window today. Bradley has whiffed in some huge spots over the last few days and with guys on 2nd and 3rd with one out, you have to put the ball in play. The M's just cannot seem to do that this year. We had a couple of great games in the last couple of days and to just waltz back into a game like today it really spoils the Mojo. Maybe we just have to have Sweeney in the lineup to win a game. Something to ponder.

We also have to look at yet another solid outing by Felix Hernandez in which he allows a run in eight innings of work. Sadly, not getting a win yet again. I recall a pitcher a few yars ago that wanted out of Seattle because he never got any run support. Maybe it's an echo, but if we keep doing this to Felix, he's going to be traded, he signed a contract because we were going to compete, not flail.

League, I already stated my case on League, he stinks. Now having 5 losses for the team, I can't see why Wak brought him out there for the second inning. Everytime he comes out for the second inning he blows it. After giving up the double he could have been pulled, maybe after the intentional walk, but he shouldn't have been in there. Wak is trying to defy the odds with this guy and so far all it has done is make him look like a horrible manager. I would take Bobby Ayala over League at this point. Get him out of there.

The only shining star for the Mariners didn't come from the M's lineup or pitching staff, but it came from watching Tori Hunter and Kendry Morales get hurt in the game. Not to be mean, but without those two guys in the lineup the Angels don't have a chance. In all honesty, you know you laughed a little. To hit a walk off grand slam and hurt yourself by landing on home plate wrong has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. That's worse than the player last week that stepped on his own bat and twisted his ankle. Hats off to you Morales, great hit! Maybe your teammates will each bring out pillows for you to land on next time you get a walk off.

As the issues continue for the M's, I have to start thinking that there is a management issue. More than the players not hitting, the question is why? If we can find the answer to that question, then we have to figure out how to climb out of the hole we've been digging.

JACK Z, I'll lend you my shovel.