Sunday, May 16, 2010


If there is anyone on the team that should be frustrated it would be Cliff Lee. Traded from the Phillies to the M's - Champions to, well, not so much. The M's will soon stifle any chance of keeping Cliff Lee around if they haven't already. Not including the likes of Doug Fister and Jason Vargas who have been stellar this year. If things keep going as they are, even Felix could pull a Randy Johnson and force to be traded by throwing in the towel. I'm not saying we're there, but we are walking a fine line. Players want to contend, they want to have hope. Without hope, players will look elsewhere.

Cliff Lee gets the loss in this one. It's his bag to carry, but still, the lack of offense is a factor. Even though we outhit the Rays today, we still couldn't hit when it counted. Figgins, he's not going anywhere, we either have to get used to his meaningless at bats as he looks for a walk or we have to hope that he doesn't get up when runners are on with one out. The probability at the moment is that he's the guy to hit into a double play. Our starters have more than our offense to blame. As they exit the games after 7 strong innings of work they need to trust that the guys coming in behind them will do the job too. I don't even think Wakamatsu is too sure of this right now. Historically we would have seen Aardsma in the ninth inning last night and instead we went with Colome. Wise decision in my opinion, sadly, the same result.

Yet another series loss,this one to the top team in baseball so I don't feel as bad, but still, every game should have been ours. Most of the games this season have been heart breakers. This is a better team than what it has shown and I think that is what Wak and Z have been saying all along and we as the fans really want to believe that.

It's a long road ahead M's fans and I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet. Grab ahold of your REFUSE TO LOSE season attitude and come out to the ballpark. We're just as big of a part of this losing atmosphere as the players. We all want to be winners, but many of us as fans have already called this season a loss. We start winning and I know you'll all be back for the glory. Stick with us through the rocky times and you'll appreciate the glory all the more. That's a FAN!!!


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