Monday, May 17, 2010

Put Another 'L' On The Barbie

Another dismal day for the Aussie on the hill. After today's rough 2.2 innings he may be packing his bags for Tacoma. I had a lot of expectations for Ryan Rowland-Smith coming into this season as our number three starter and to date that hasn't amounted to anything but disappointment. Then again, it kind of has the same story line as the rest of the team.

Man, isn't Ichiro something? He had another great couple of hits tonight. Another infield single followed by a Chone Figgins double play - AMAZING! Once again, Chone slaughters the hopes of anything happening. The eighth inning he followed with a hit behind Ichiro and we ended up getting a run on a fly ball and a ground out as one of Jose Lopez's 3 RBI. Two outs and Figgins on second and Griffey up to the plate, whispers of a Sweeney pinch hit for the third consecutive day and still we leave Griffey out there to ground out to the first baseman. An offense that is struggling mightily and no answers in sight, yet we bench the one person who hit a home run in three consecutive games. What is wrong with this situation?

"No worries mate!" Seems to be the quote taken on by more than just Rowland-Smith these days. No worries about our hitting, it will come round. No worries about our bullpen, they've been working real hard. No worries about Griffey, we've been watching video and working with him. As Rowland-Smith packs his lack of worries and heads back to Tacoma after tonight's game, maybe Wakamatsu will pull his head out of his luggage and start making some necessary changes to our lineup.

Alright Sodojoe, be positive! This blog is about supporting your team, right?
What do I say to that?

Isn't Ichiro GREAT!!!

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