Saturday, May 22, 2010


Another day in the life of a die hard Mariner fan. Listening to the game in the ninth inning as we hear Sweeney hit a one out double and Lopez follow with an infield single. The stage was once again set in a one run ball game for the Mariners to tie the game and possibly win it in the ninth. Milton Bradley, all he had to do was hit a deep fly ball to tie the game, lay down a bunt, anything but strike out. He worked the count to 3 and 0, everything was in his favor. Strike one, strike two, strike three. Kotchman followed with a ground out and the game was over. As I continued to drive through Seattle's horrible SODO traffic I was immediately irritated, even a bit angry. Why can't we just get the job done. We can fly out 100 times in a game with nobody on third but as soon as we have a situation to score a run we can't even connect.

So I look back at the rest of the game and saw we had a total of nine hits, I thought that was a positive. But our failure to hit the ball when it counts, even doing the little things we seem to fail miserably. The first inning Ichiro got on and then quickly got picked off. Figgy and Guti both followed with singles that would have scored Ichiro. Then with Figgy on third and Guti on first, Sweeney struck out and Lopez popped out to first. MISSED OPPORTUNITY. The third inning Josh Wilson led off with a double and we couldn't get him even to third base after Ichiro popped out on a foul bunt. In the 6th inning we actually did score but it had the makings of being a much bigger inning for the M's. After Ichiro ad Figgy both singled, Guti came up and hit into a double play. Sweeney followed that with an RBI single but that was the end of what should have been a multiple run inning. Then the ninth we went down in flames again, MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!!!

When Jack Z built this team he built it as a National League team. I'm trying to figure out why we are not capable of doing the little things that make NL teams successful. Things like dropping down a bunt, moving runners over, hitting a sac fly, hitting to the proper side of the infield. WHY? A lot of the times it seems as though we don't even try to do it. Was Milton Bradley up there trying to tie the game or trying too hard to win it all by himself? I don't know what the excuses are for these types of situations but there sure does seem to be a lot of them this year.

On the positive side, Ian Snell pitched great for his first day back in the rotation. Good enough to get a win, but he too will have to take a loss, just like all the other quality starts our pitchers have put up. Another positive, we did have nine hits. A few hits grouped together, that we have not seen much of this year. They just didn't score many runs. Figgins is starting to hit a bit better. I'm really hoping that these positives tonight are bringing us more toward the team that everyone envisioned this year. Tonight was another tough loss in a one run game that lacked the magic the past two games had.

Wakamatsu, let's not make a habit of this.


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