Friday, May 13, 2011

'One League Under The Sea'

Brandon League started the season off with 9 saves in 9 opportunities and with people talking about the possibility of Aardsma having to compete to get his job back. Well, that was last week.
Today, League finds himself with a 0 - 3 record with the three losses coming in his last 3 consecutive appearances. Albeit, one was in a tie game, the other two being in extra innings coming in with the M's up by a run both times.
The M's have had a rough week winning just one game out of the past 7. Tonights game showed another horrible display of hitting (or the lack thereof) for the M's with just three hits through 11 innings. Luckily for them Vargas shut down the O's offense through nine. The M's broke onto
the board first scoring a run in the top of the 12th to make it 1 - 0.
Enter Brandon League. Leadoff single, hit big bad Vlad, hit Adam Jones to load the bases. Got a line drive out and then gave up a game winning two run single.

SERIOUSLY!!! Two times in a row your team gives you the lead in extra innings and you come right back and give up two? That is the worst possible pitching I have seen since the days of Bobby Ayala. This is the fan in me coming out now! As soon as he gave up the single I started to talk to my phone (where I was watching) "Get him out of there Wedge" Obviously League needs his confidence back so Wedge was hoping that he would wiggle out of it and probably had nobody up throwing. After three nights of hideous performances, he better get someone up before he makes it to the mound just in case.
So, he sank the M's! All by himself, again! I know the M's can do a lot more to stay out of these situations altogether, but when all your given is one opportunity to win and that's what you do with it, sorry League, you are sinking the ship....
1 League under the sea! Stay there too long and we'll find you on the beach soon.
- Washed Up -

Tomorrow is another day!

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