Friday, May 27, 2011

Ackley is 'Most Comfortable' in #2 Spot!

Listening to Bob and Groz on 710 AM on Thursday, they had an interview with Dustin Ackley. Ackley is the top prospect in the Seattle Mariners organization and is currently on fire in AAA Tacoma.

In the interview they asked Ackley where he like hitting in the order. This has been an issue that the M's have struggled with. Justin Smoak has been moved around in the lineup from 5 to 3 and since moving to the 3 hole he has slowed down quite a bit. So, a great question to ask, where does Ackley like hitting.

Ackley talked about when Gutierrez was in the lineup at Tacoma he was hitting second behind Guti and he really liked it. Hear it with Bob and Groz, here. He liked being able to put the game in motion, bunting guys over and doing the situational things. He said that's where he was most comfortable.

Which is interesting considering what we face right now in the number two hole. Chone Figgins has not been the player that the Seattle Mariners knew when he was with LA. Batting a dismal .202 and holding down the number 2 spot in the order is not acceptable to many.

Jose Lopez was posting similar numbers in Colorado this year and he received his walking papers from the team today. When Wedge was asked about Figgins being moved in the order, he stated that things were going to stay the way they were. Interesting, to say the least.

Rumor mill has gone crazy with Ackley around Seattle. Last I heard was that he may be called up for this series against the Yankees, but no word has been heard on that. It's an exciting possibility that we'll see this kid at any time, but improving Figgins is necessary if we want to do well or even improve his trade value.

We're rooting for Ackley, we're rooting for Figgins! After all, Ackley doesn't play third and that's another answer that the M's would have to find if Figgins were to be traded.


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