Sunday, May 1, 2011


The Mariners starting pitchers have thrown down the gauntlet over this past week in winning 5 straight – sweeping the Tigers and taking the first two games against the RedSox. I made the case at the beginning of the year that “IF” Erik Bedard returned to his true form of the glory days in Baltimore that the Mariners would have the best rotation in baseball. I can’t say for sure that Bedard is back, but after winning his first game of the season and shutting down the Tigers in Detroit I’m confident that he will have further success.
Looking at Felix – number one – he is a true number one, defending his Cy Young Award and it is undeniable around the league that he is one of the best in baseball. Vargas started at number two at the beginning of the season, continued to struggle with getting the “W’ that he needed to regain his confidence. In large part to a lack of run support and a lack of the bullpen closing the door for him Vargas found himself without a win until Friday night when he faced Boston. Holding the BoSox to 4 runs after 6 innings, the bullpen came in and were lights out to get him the victory. Vargas has great command but I believe he has struggled with having that out pitch and certainly on Friday he found his way.
Fister – three – pitched tonight and reminded me of the Fister we saw before he went out on rest last year. Dominating the strike zone and making guys swing the bat. Making great pitches when it counts. Sure, Boston had plenty of opportunities, but Fister has learned the art of throwing strikes and letting your defense do the work for you.
Pineda – number five – I believe the echo of his fastball hitting Miguel Olivo’s mitt has echoed throughout the MLB and people are hearing about how great this kid is already. Watching his confidence on the mound is something of a veteran and looks as though the M’s have another Cy Young contender in the making. It’s a special thing to watch.
So, the Fab 5 are here and the bats are beginning to come around to support the great staff of pitchers, the bullpen is holding it down putting up zero’s on the board night after night. There is only one thing to look forward to – a great record. Not just for the Mariners, but for King Felix, the Cy Young Award winner, let’s make him a 20 game winner this year. I believe we can do it. GO MARINERS!!!!!

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