Monday, May 9, 2011

A Fresh Start

Seattle Mariners have designated Milton Bradley and Ryan Langerhans for assignment and therefor have begun a new era of Seattle baseball. Hopefully that translates into a new, higher ERA for opposing pitchers as well.

The Mariners lineup had produced the lowest amount of runs in the Major Leagues to date and after Sundays loss to the Chicago Whitesox, Wedge had enough. Basically telling the media that we were not going to continue being a team that only scored three runs a game and that it was going to change. The Whitesox came into the series having the worst record in the Major Leagues and the M's were looking to capitalize on that by winning the series and moving to .500 for the first time since the first week of the season. They blew two of three chances however and ended the series Sunday in an extra innings loss.

The good news came to Mike Wilson on Sunday as he was able to call his mom on Mother's Day and tell her that he had made the Major League club for the first time in his nine year career with the M's. He took Ryan Langerhans spot on the roster which was announced Monday afternoon.

Shortly after it was reported by that Milton Bradley had been DFA'd and Carlos Peguero would be travelling with the team to Baltimore. Milton's short stint with the ball club was already at the point of tiring and seemed to be getting worse in the past weeks. His numbers weren't getting any better and the M's leadership decided that Milton was not going to be a part of it's future - or it's present.

Both Wilson and Peguero have power bats which the M's have desperately needed in their lineup. One from the left and one from the right. Wilson is a precious commodity having some pop to left in the lineup. Peguero, who came up for a short time already didn't get much of a look and it was determined that he needed to be in Tacoma where he could play everyday. Now that he is back and there is a bit more room, I'm sure we will see a bit better results.

So as a fan, I can't say that I will miss Langerhans or Bradley. Emotionally I already feel that we will miss something with Bradley, but, I'm sure it's something to the effect of missing a drunk Uncle at a wedding. Who knows? The opportunity for our youth is emerging and moves are being made and we can only hope for great results. I can only imagine that the feeling in the clubhouse is a small bit of relief for who is still there and a whole lot of competition when they hit the field.

Get ready M's fans - it's what we've all been waiting for.


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