Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liriano Stifles M's Bats as Felix Get's Loss

Felix Hernandez pitched another gem of a game after a rough first inning giving up just two runs on three hits through 8 full innings of work. Liriano however pitched 7 innings giving up just one run on three hits and received the win tonight.

Another solid pitching performance wasted by the M's and their inability to provide offense. Our only hits came from the 9, 1 and 2 spots and two of those hits are how we scored the one run, an Ichiro RBI single to score Brendan Ryan from third who was hit by a pitch.

League came into the game in the ninth - non save situation - and shut down the Twins besides a 10 pitch walk to Jason Kubel who was doubled off. Hopefully that is a plus from today's game.

The bottom of the ninth was the last chance for the M's. After Smoak struck out on three straight fastballs, Olivo was granted first base by Matt Capps with a walk. Jack Cust followed with a ground ball to third base off the end of his bat. The Twins went for two as Olivo slid in well ahead of the play and the throw was nowhere near in time to get Cust at first. Commotion erupted on the field as we panned back over to second base. Olivo was called out and was stating his case with the umpire. Enter Eric Wedge. Wedge ran in taking over the conversation for Olivo and let the second base umpire have it while receiving his first ejection of the game. Adam Kennedy bounced a broken bat ground ball to second to wrap up the ballgame.

As a fan, I am truly tired of watching Felix get no run support. I know he wants to be here and I applaud his willingness to stay here throughout the tough times, but I know that he too is depending on change. He has to be depending on the M's spending some money to provide a lineup that can not just compete, but contend. Felix is willing to stay, but is Pineda, is Fister, Vargas or Bedard? Somewhere the M's are going to have to count the cost if they are not willing to pay the cost soon.

More changes ahead! Ackley could be up within a couple of days!!! We'll keep the faith along with Felix, but seriously team, get your bats going!!!


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