Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mariners Take Series! Still Lacking Support!

I don't want to be a downer after a great win like we had today, we'll see how that turns out. Erik Bedard pitched great today, 6 innings of shutout ball and the bullpen followed suit closing the door for the last three. Offense however remained the same, in scoring their 3 runs we have to be happy for this Mariners lineup, but at the same time, let's look at the production.

First off, we have the hot, smoking hot bat of Brendan Ryan who got another 2 hits today and one of those being a triple. Ryan has been excellent as of late, raising his average to .260 from the low .200 he had just a couple of weeks ago. Impressed? You should be! He has done it with doubles and triples, aggressive base running and timely hitting as well. 12 for 21 as of late, you can't say you don't love it.

Franklin Gutierrez is starting to hit a stride, I think, as he went two for three with a walk and his first homerun of the year. Adam Kennedy also got a hit to complete the M's 5 hit game. Timely hitting was key in today's win, which is a better M's team than we had a few weeks ago.

The part that is still lacking and not producing is our top half of the order. Ichiro has a lower average than he has ever had at this point in the season at .281 and dropping daily. Figgins still has not found his stroke and is hitting a measly .202, not the average a team is looking for from their number 2 hitter. Smoak, ever since moving to the 3 spot in the order has not been able to hit quite the same and sits at .263, but he also was near the .300 mark.

The team has been doing much better and we have been winning, but the majority of the production is coming from the back half of our order. It seems the guys that are fighting for their jobs are the ones that are getting things done.

Not to go football on you, but maybe we need more of a Pete Carroll approach, make everybody earn their spot!

If it weren't for the high contracts that some of these players have, I guarantee we would see a lot more people sitting.

I don't worry about Ichiro, he always bounces back and amazes us every year, Chone Figgins on the other hand, he does too, but this is his second year not producing and once again will perform under his career numbers. Last night I asked the question, "what do we do with Choney?" and I don't claim to have the answer, but if he is truly a professional, he'll figure it out, but in my mind, there is more to the story than we all know with Chone.

Erik Wedge seems to be a no-nonsense type of guy and I cannot imagine that for one moment he would put up with any crap from Figgins, but on the other hand, maybe Wedge doesn't have a choice. Maybe Wedge's hand are tied with Figgins. This we just have to watch play out as Wedge stated two days ago that Figgins was going to remain in the number two hole. We'll see!

Hitting is contagious, and the energy that has been bubbling to the surface over this last road series has got us all excited. Yeah, we all have questions and I know that a lot of people are really ragging on Figgy, but let's just say he pulls out of it and from here on out hits .300 and starts to hit the gaps. Remember just a month ago we were all yelling at Brendan Ryan and saying he needed his walking papers.

So, I urge you M's fans, although it may not be the popular thing to do, cheer on Figgy, let's boost his morale a bit. After all, happy Figgy makes happy fans!

More to come, but celebrate what is on the scoreboard - watch what happens on the field!


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