Wednesday, April 20, 2011


To the writer that mentioned the idea of trading Felix Hernandez -

You're an idiot!!! After witnessing a performance like tonight where Felix gives up just four hits with 8 strikeouts and threw 125 pitches you've got to be freaking out of your mind. I will say that you're very right in assuming we could get a tremendous amount in return for his arm right now that could really help our team today, but really? Losing Felix any time in the near future would be a monumental mistake comparable to the Bavasi blunder that brought us Erik Bedard.

There is a lot to be said about a Cy Young Award pitcher who wants to stay on a team that had the worst year in modern baseball history. Maybe he's nutso and needs a shrink, but at this point, shrink or not, we continue to build around him and success will follow. Felix Hernandez is a winner with a healthy arm. You trade for a young phenom like Stephen Strasburg and you can end up on the wrong side of yet another trade. The Mariners are really good at making bad decisions and/or trades, but I think we are starting to see this new Jack Z era come into the light. We could have had the Freak but instead we got Brandon Morrow for whom we traded for League. We could have had Tulowitski but we got Jeff Clement, whom we no longer have. We could have had a host of talent that we either passed on for something else or traded away. At this point, I would rather stick with the for sure thing and keep my Cy Young Award pitcher around.

As for the rest of you out there. I'm sure you agree. Just show it now. Go to a game and root for your team. If we don't start selling tickets we may be forced to give Felix and Ichiro away. Believe big M's fans, our turn is coming.

Sodo Joe

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