Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Felix Get's Dethroned, M's Make Another Move!

Felix had one rough inning today. Just one, but it was a four run 3rd inning that did him in. He ended up pitching 6 and 2/3 innings but once again the offense didn't amount to much at all. Felix's mistakes on his breaking pitch led to a homerun by Paul Konerko, a triple by Omar Visquel and another homer by Carlos Quentin.

The M's only run came in the fourth inning on a sac fly by Miguel Olivo. There were opportunities early, but the M's failed to capitalize. In the first Chicago tried to give us a run after L-Rod doubled and advanced to third on a wild pitch. With one out, Justin Smoak struck out and was followed by a Jack Cust line out. No runs!

So, in a game where we saw a glaring reminder once again of our lack of being able to produce or even make productive outs, Wedge was not impressed by certain players and is now making it known. Wedge made a statement after the game that said we are two and a half months into the season and some of these veteran guys should be hitting. Obviously speaking of Figgins and Ichiro amongst others. 6 hits tonight, two by Peguero and 2 by Guti. That left one by Luis Rodriguez and one by Figgins. Yes, Figgins, who also ended the game by hitting into a double play and making an error as well.

Bigger news! Mike Carp, who has been smashing the ball around in AAA has been called up and will replace Figgins in the order! Oops, (wishful thinking) I mean Mike Wilson. Carp hit 2 homeruns for a total of 7 RBI in yesterdays game for the Rainiers and has a total of 18 HR's this year and a .350 AVG. Many of us have been hoping to hear his name called in the recent weeks as we have heard of his success at AAA, but it is finally here and will start tomorrow in Chicago. Also, it looks as though he will be the everyday left fielder. Mike Wilson didn't see a lot of playing time in his first stint in the bigs, but I hope we see him again soon.

Carp up! What about Ackley? At the moment, Ackley is playing everyday which is a good thing and currently there are a lot of variables keeping him in AAA. Adam Kennedy's hot bat as of late is one of them. Figgins $$$$ is another. So, it may be that we don't see Ackley until the expanded roster unless the Figgins situation is deemed irreversible by Wedge and Company. Then it's still a sticky situation considering that the back-up third baseman is Luis Rodriguez.

So Mariner fans, we get an opportunity to see if Carp can get this offense going, but be patient a while longer if you can. Halman, Peguero, M. Wilson, now Carp - that's what this season was intended for, to see and evaluate this talent. Who knew we would find ourselves in such a close race in the West?

Let's take this last game in Chicago! LET'S GO CARP, LET'S GO MARINERS!!!


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