Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pineda Touched Up As Detroit Wins By A Touchdown

Final Score: Detroit Tigers 8 - Seattle Mariners 1. Just one measly run for our offense on only 5 hits. Once again our offense is mute in a game where we faced a pitcher with an ERA above 4.00. In my book that says we should at least score 3 off the guy, but we just cannot produce. Ichiro had two hits after taking the day off yesterday though. Maybe the key here is to only play people every other day.

Detroit got on the board early as Pineda started off a bit rough. After the first two innings they were up 3 - 0. Pineda settled in a bit but the Tigers struck again in the 6th. After the M's scored their only run on a Brendan Ryan sac fly to score Ichiro, Detroit scored a 3 spot in the bottom of the inning. The big blow coming off the bat of Jhonny Peralta with a two run homerun. Pineda was removed from the game after just 85 pitches and 5.1 innings.

These offensive struggles have left the Mariners winning just two of their past 6 games. Luckily the Texas Rangers are on the same game plan and have also lost 4 of their last six. The Mariners are in a spot to contend for the AL West title, but I don't believe they are in any way ready to compete for an American League Championship. The offensive woes are going to continue as nobody can figure out why they continue. Even Ichiro, the guy who can hit anything has had the worst year of his entire career so far. I have some thoughts on why our offense is so downright awful.

I looked back at all the video that MLB has logged from the past week or so. Even in the games where we scored runs, hit homeruns and also other teams hitting and their homeruns too. It seems to me, in watching the Whitesox and the Tigers hit, that they have a tendency to step into their swing and really get their hips into it. Looking at the video of Smoak, Peguero, Olivo and their HR's, they look totally different. Smoak barely has a step and his opposite field HR was almost all arm, barely any hip action. Peguero's blast, off the end of the bat, he too muscled the ball with his arms. Olivo looked like he used a bit more hip in his swing, but still a very small step into his swing.

I know that everybody has a different swing and not everyone is going to take a giant step toward the pitcher when they swing, but to me, when the Tigers went to bat against Pineda today, they looked as if they knew what was coming, stepped into it and turned on it. The M's look as though they are always a half step behind and therefore not able to properly turn on pitches.

Take a look and see for yourself on any of the gameday video on and you'll see.
Maybe the M's need a new hitting coach once again.


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