Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise!!! M's Score Just One Run!!

Erik Bedard versus Brian McCann, or, I mean the Atlanta Braves. Bedard pitched a phenomenal game going 7 complete innings giving up just four hits. Three of those hits were from McCann himself. A solo shot in the first inning for starters and a single in the fourth inning. His next hit came in the top of the 7th, a line drive to Franklin Gutierrez in center field for a single. That same inning after getting Chipper Jones out, Freddie Freeman hit a two run homerun that put the Braves up for good.

The M's only run support came off the bat of Adam Kennedy who led off the fourth inning with a solo homerun. It was Kennedy's 6th homerun on the year.

That's it. One run. A total of five hits. Ackley got one, Ichiro got one and Carp got two. Still can't get anything going in Seattle. I can only assume work is on it's way that someone will lose their job soon. This is getting old quick. No, not Wedge or Figgins, nor Cust. I said it before and I will say it again, our hitting coach needs to change. Last time I mentioned this I got a frenzy of people that tried to tell me that the hitting coach was overrated and that it wouldn't help, but from what I can see when I watch everyday, it's a mentality that our hitters have when they step into the box and that can only come from one place when it is effecting just about every hitter in the lineup, or lineups.

I'll say it again, CONSISTENCY IN OUR LINEUP AND ANTICIPATING THE HIT!!! Then we will score runs and win ballgames. But, who am I? Just a dreamer!


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