Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mariners Get Two Hits, Make Three Errors

There isn't a lot to say without sounding like a broken record. Our offense was once again dismal, managing to get just two hits all game, one by Ackley and one by Kennedy. Vargas pitched an 8 inning complete game and allowed two runs on just 5 hits. A very respectable pitching performance by Mr. Vargas as he gets another loss for his efforts.

I'm happy to win the series, I'll say that, but there is so much to say when you are 2.5 games out of first place and you go back to putting Figgins in the lineup. He did get on base via a walk today as one of our three base runners, he made an error and hit two infield pop outs. Not to pick on Figgins too much considering everybody flopped today.

I don't really want to point anybody out. As a team, an entire batting order, we are failing. Failing to hit, failing to hit with runners on and failing to do anything productive. I'm not just pouncing on our loss today, we all know this has been a season long struggle as we appear last in just about every offensive category that exists. Yes, that's 30th out of 30 teams.

Listening to Brock Huard on the Brock and Salk show at 710 ESPN this afternoon, Brock was spouting that we need to go out and get that one bat. He was actually coming to a place of agreeing with Mike Salk's opinion more than sharing his own idea, but I had to reconsider the idea myself. I, however, still land in the same place. I really don't think that this season is the best time for us to risk future prospects for a rental player. It isn't worth it. What are the names that teams are going to ask for? Kyle Seager? Are we willing to part with him? I really doubt it.

The way it looks right now, come the All-Star break, there will be a myriad of teams looking for that extra bat or that extra arm, teams looking to add, not subtract. The teams looking to sell are few and far between and the list of hot ticket items are just as few. So, then it becomes a competition where the stakes get higher with any team that joins the bidding. This is how we wind up in a Bavasi type deal that will lead us just shy of making the playoffs and one I hope and pray that the M's don't walk into. Stay the course Jack. It's okay to ride this year out as planned. If we end up getting to the playoffs either way it will be a surprise that is welcomed, but let's not lessen our chances of getting there in the future.

The future is bright!!! The present, well, let's just say we need to take a long look in the mirror before we face the Angels for these next three games. Currently the Angels are losing in the 8th and Texas plays later this evening. Good luck Mariners! Hopefully the Orioles give the Rangers a bit of a setback tonight.


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