Saturday, July 30, 2011

M's Deal Fister and Pauley to Tigers!

So, we all understand that the reason the Mariners were in the heat of the AL West race up to the All-Star Break was because of our amazing pitching staff, right? Well, in hopes to add some sort of spark to our offense, Jack Z decided that we had to make a deal. A deal that involved Doug Fister, current holder of the worst run support in the Major Leagues, not just this year, but in the past 50 years and it also included David Pauley. Pauley was amazing through April and May and struggled a bit in June and July. Fister, despite his lack of run support held a 3.33 ERA to go along with his unfathomable record of 3 - 12. In all 12 losses combined the Mariners only scored 10 runs. OUCH!! Fister is most likely dreaming about Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera on his flight to Detroit.

So, what blockbuster players did the Mariners receive in return? How about Charlie Furbush? No, haven't heard of him. Well, maybe Casper Wells? No, not really, saw the cartoon though, maybe that's why he sounds familiar. Wait, wait for it, how about Francisco Martinez? Third base? No, nothing? Well, in case you started to worry, there is one more player, but.... we can't tell you that yet or we would have to kill you. One of three players on Detroit's top prospect list that the scouts are still evaluating.

In all seriousness though, it may pan out well for the M's. I always have a hard time when I know nothing about the guys we get in a trade, but I also do not spend a lot of time diving into the minor league systems of other teams. For Furbush, this is his first season in the Bigs and Wells, his second but still at only 100 games combined. Martinez is still in AA and will be headed to Jackson.

Furbush has been scouted as a starter but has spent his time in the bullpen thus far as a Tiger. He did start twice this year and did not fair well at all. The Mariners seem to want to stretch him out and prepare him to be a part of the rotation. With Beavan already a part of that, I think they still may have plans to deal Bedard. We'll see.

Wells, he is a right fielder and has some power as a right handed bat. through his first 100 games he has hit 8 homeruns and batted .286 with another 16 doubles and a triple. Could be a nice fit. The concern for me is that we already have about 17 outfield prospects in our system already. Makes me think that there are more deals to follow.

Martinez is projected to be a third baseman with power. At 6'1" and 190 lbs and just 20 years of age, the Mariners like what they see there and along with all the players acquired today is under team control for a long time.

So there we have it, nothing that makes us get on our knees thanking Jack Z, probably more people will be angry about the trade than excited, in my opinion at this point, try anything. Anything to get this offense going. There isn't much we can keep at this point, we have to get a little bit drastic if we are going to turn this thing around.


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