Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is Exactly Why The M's Won't Make The Playoffs!

How many losses do we have to endure like this? Seeing the Angels huddled around home plate congratulating someone for the walk-off homerun that they just hit seemed a bit like Deja Vu. This time it was Mark Trumbo who hit the game winner in the ninth inning off of David Pauley on a 1 and 2 count.

Another starter to add to the list that does anything he can to get a win and doesn't get get it. Blake Beavan started the game today and left after 6 and 1/3 innings with a 3 to 2 lead. He allowed a single to Trumbo in the 7th and was quickly taken out with 98 pitches. Trumbo was erased trying to steal second and there were two outs. Jamey Wright, facing Hank Conger allowed a game tying homerun and a no decision for Beaven after facing just one hitter.

Then in the ninth inning, it was the Trumbo incident that closed the door on the M's and sent them to a steep 5 and 1/2 games behind the first place Rangers and 4 and 1/2 behind Anaheim.

So, as we fall deeper back in our division and further out of the competition, I have to say what I have said all along. Stay the course! Hopefully this settles the demands for Jack Z to make a trade for a bat before the deadline. Hopefully this series will make everyone realize that the only reason we have been in competition is that the Angels and Rangers have been riddled with injuries. We need to understand that we are the worst offensive team in baseball and our patchwork of trying to add bats in the past have only lead to frustration.

Tonight showed a prime example of another great reason that we will not make the playoffs. Our bullpen was predicted to be a weakness this year and since the start of the season they have proved everybody wrong. As of late, that weakness is starting to show. Brandon League since his streak of four straight losses has recovered nicely until recently when he couldn't close the door on the Nationals in a game we eventually lost when Pauley gave up a bomb.

Pauley who had been lights out all season and looked untouchable has taken on a new role as of late as he went from 4 - 0 in April and May to a 5 - 2 mark since. He took the loss against the Nationals and tonight versus the Angels. Not horrible, just not as good as he was doing.

Jamey Wright, he just scares me every time he comes in. He notched his first career save the other night in thirteen years, but tonight he really blew it. Another homerun given up tonight makes it for 9 total runs given up in his last ten appearances. 9 runs in 11 and 1/3 innings. That is horrible. That is the type of pitcher I would not want coming in behind me as a starter. Beaven was his latest victim today.

So these three guys have been the heart and soul of our bullpen all season long and as of late they are starting to show some rough patches. I hope it wont continue, but as long as we keep playing one run games, the more times we will see that party at the plate as teams walk-off with a victory.

We actually accumulated 7 hits tonight and three runs. The offense is normally the reason for the starters to not get their win, but that wasn't the case tonight. The sad part is, every run we scored was on an out. Productive outs are more than we do most days, so I can't complain too much, but we scored on an Ichiro ground out, a Brendan Ryan sac fly and a Justin Smoak sac fly. No hits to keep an inning going, once a guy reaches third, just stop. No need to keep an inning going, just settle for one run.

If you haven't been able to tell, I'm more than a bit frustrated at the increasing ability for our team to find ways to lose. This series is a must win series for the M's as we near the All-Star break and go on to face Texas. We should be playing this series as though it were the playoffs and keeping pace with the Rangers, instead, we are falling back. Not hitting when it counts and not keeping a lead in the late innings. We need help, but a bat isn't going to do it for us. We need all nine of our hitters to start doing what they're paid to do and hit the ball. If we can get them to do that, then we can talk about adding on.

Honestly, I don't think fans really think that a single bat or even two will send this team to the playoffs, I think what they are hoping for, is a Savior. I am one of those fans, I just don't see that happening this year. Stay the Course Jack Z. Stay the Course!


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