Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seeing A Brighter Future!

As most of us already know, the days of Doug Fister and David Pauley have come to an end as the Mariners made their moves at the trade deadline to acquire some new, young talent. Casper Wells was a name at the top of the list along with Charlie Furbush and minor league prospect Francisco Martinez as well as another top prospect to be named later.

Today was a showcase of that new talent as Furbush started for the M's and went 5 innings giving up just one run allowing only 2 hits with no walks, striking out three. The Mariners are trying to work him into the rotation and stretch him out so he can pitch deeper into ballgames. In Detroit he was in the pen and hadn't pitched a full game. 5 innings was enough for the day and he handled those 5 innings well.

Wells had another great day. Since being in the lineup on Sunday he has gone 6 for 15 with 5 RBI and 3 runs scored. The whole entire team has stepped up their game as they have now won 5 of their past seven games after now sweeping the A's. Wells has been impressive at the plate and in the field and looks to be a great addition to the team thus far.

Dustin Ackley and Mike Carp have been so much fun this past week. Carp, in his second stint with the M's this year is doing far better this time around and is holding down the number four spot in the order behind Ackley. Once again, today he hit 3 for 5 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. He has been on a tear as of late and looking really comfortable behind Ackley at the plate. Something I only hope we continue to see progress as time goes on.

Another double digit hit figure this week makes it look like these Mariners have been hitting all season long, especially when it comes against a team like the Athletics.

The team keeps getting younger and younger as Jack Z builds and is looking to make it stronger as well. In the last minute deal that sent Erik Bedard and Josh Fields to Boston, the Mariners picked up some highly touted prospects. From Boston we received Chih-Hsien Chiang, a 23 year old left hander that is hitting .340 AVG, with 76 RBI. They also received Trayvon Robinson, also 23, that is hitting .293 with 26 homeruns and 76 RBI and is a switch hitter. So, as they build for the future, they have power in mind. It has been an exciting week in Mariner Fandom and I for one am enjoying the ride.

Hey, we're only 12.5 games out and just a half game out of third. As I always say, we are in the West!


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