Monday, December 12, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

The Winter Meetings are over and once again they came and went with very little noise from the Mariners side of the table. Rumors of Prince Fielder danced in our heads, but in the days passed we still have no news of any major offensive help coming our way. Rumors of Josh Willingham have come and gone too. Now we have some new rumors of Michael Cuddyer. This too, just rumors and small change in comparison to fielder.

From the Mariners website, the talks seem to be on the Mariners looking for a veteran starting pitcher and don't even hint to our offense at all. We all know that the Mariners have a big wish list this off-season and none of us know just how big Santa's sack is this year, so the question is....

What are you looking for this Christmas???

Is it Prince Fielder, are we coupling that with Michael Cuddyer? Is it a veteran presence on the mound in someone like Jamie Moyer?

What pieces, if any, are going to turn this ship around for the M's? Is it too late now that the Angels have signed Albert Pujols? Are we just flat out of the running in Seattle? I know that there are a ton of opinions out there, but really, if we had our way as fans, what would we do?


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