Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M's Make An Offer To Fielder???

So the rumor mill is picking up a bit as we reach the final days of the Scott Boras scheduled date to have Prince Fielder a home by years end.

MLB Trade Rumors has the story here!

The M's, in some way shape or form told Fielder how much we were offering him. There is still speculation on whether or not it was an actual contract or not. Jon Heyman wrote in his tweet that the Mariners have "financial restrictions." Well, every team has financial restrictions. The M's have a huge card to play in this and I know that we can afford to make this happen. It may not be $25 million a year starting year one, but I bet you anything that we are going into this Fielder bid swinging and are not going to give up too easy.

Greg Johns wrote in his blog about the Mariners television contracts with ROOT Sports and how there are millions of dollars to be made there in restructuring our deal in 2015. Ichiro is coming off the books after this year, Figgins will be off next year and the sky is the limit. Back load that contract and get him in a M's uniform.

It is said that the Cubs want him but do not want to give him 10 years. Thank you Cubbies, we'll take it from here.

The Rangers don't want him, but wait, maybe they do. They don't have the money, but they sure do like the looks of his bat in the midst of Young, Hamilton and Beltre. I can't believe that the Rangers would be in after signing Yu Darvish, but then again, I didn't believe the Angels were going to swoop in and snag Pujols either.

Then, there are the Orioles. It's said that they will only be in on Fielder if the market collapses and his price drops. I don't think there will be any Fielder deals this year, even with just two teams bidding.

Between the Cubs and the Mariners, Boras should be encouraging Fielder toward the American League. His body type and length of contract he's looking for will be looking for the DH role more often than not at the end of those ten years.

Some say it's a problem because Fielder lives in Florida and that is way too far away. Well, maybe he will take after some others and move this way during the season. People can move, especially when you have the money.

So, in this last 10 days of watching rumors fly, keep in mind that the Mariners have not signed a single bat to their arsenal. Jack Z keeps tight lipped about everything and he is known for being the guy that put Fielder on the map in the first place. Jack Z loves Prince Fielder. Last but not least, despite what rumors may say about the M's not having the money, the M's are still one of the most profitable markets in baseball. So, Heyman, Morosi, Rosenthal and all the rest of you haters that don't want to see anything good happen on the West Coast, watch us Mariners as we win the Fielder sweepstakes next week.


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