Thursday, December 22, 2011

To Talk Baseball With Matt Pitman!

Okay, so this may be a bit weird, but after writing about the Mariners for the past couple of years I have spent a lot of time listening to the radio and reading baseball writers, following rumors etc.

There are a few writers that I really like, Geoff Baker of the Times is really good. He does his homework and really digs deep. Especially with the latest articles about the Mariners ownership and television contracts.

I listen to 710 ESPN, not because I've investigated every sports radio channel out there, but, really, that's who broadcasts the games. Just naturally there. Love listening to Brock and Salk and all their craziness. Because of my work schedule I have missed them a lot lately. Missed as in, not caught, not as in can't handle them not being in my life - just to clarify.

Post game shows after the Mariner game are the most exciting. Shannon Drayer is usually on with Matt Pitman and we get to hear some inside information and some real talk about the team and where they stand. By real talk, I mean the truth. Matt Pitman doesn't beat around the bush with his opinions about the team or it's players. I love his opinions and love how passionate he is about the game and the team.

When Shannon is on with him he settles down, a lot! I write this because I wonder if he knows. He's less opinionated when she is on the air. Kind of funny. The show is a great show and I actually turn on the radio after the games I watch on TV to listen to the show.

It gets even better though. Now I notice that Pitman is actually covering for guys in the afternoon on 710 ESPN. Covering for guys like Groz and K.C. actually makes me excited. Simply because when Pitman is on it usually means there will be more baseball talk than when Groz or K.C. are on. Even on the Brock and Salk show. I love Brock and Salk, but when Matt Pitman is on, it gets better.

So, this may all be really cheesy and many of you probably really don't care, but as a blogger I just wanted to show my appreciation for the faithful M's writers and radio hosts. Maybe one day I will be able to talk baseball with these guys, especially Matt Pitman. I would much rather talk to someone who is passionate rather than just informative. Hats off to you Pitman! Looking forward to hearing more from you and I can't wait for the season to start.


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